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My T-Shirt Caricature Services

It is necessary to say that I design t-shirt caricature art for both screen printing and four-color transfers. When ordering a t-shirt caricature, please indicate how you intend to print it.

Ordering a t-shirt caricature means you may:

  1. Pose the caricature subjects as you like
  2. Pick clothing for the caricatures
  3. Add meaningful objects to the scene
  4. Select an appropriate background theme
  5. Add text elements, even dialog,  if needed

How I Work

Whether you are a corporation, a small business, or an individual, my working process aims for the same results, to please you as best I can. As with every service I offer, I work closely with you to produce a gift or greeting card that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. I accomplish this in several ways:

  • I communicate with you throughout the project

  • I will make your requested changes to the drawing as it progresses

  • I consider all the ideas you have for the project.

  • I work on the project until you are happy with a finished result

t-shirt caricature services

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About Emerson Art

We at Emerson Art work closely with our clients for smooth project management and excellent results. Our prices are reasonable, and we try to work within your budget restraints.

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