Project Description

Over the last few years, we’ve enjoyed working with Brandy and Weldon on several exciting and creative Christmas projects. They’ve been a delight to work with, and we hope to do so again soon.

The project described here is based on the original movie poster for Casablanca. It featured the stars, Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Brandy and Weldon wanted us to remain faithful to the movie poster but replace the stars’ faces with theirs. They also wished to include the family pet, a Marmoset monkey.

We added a plane of the period to enhance the mood and the scene. We also designed the text to mimic the text on the original poster.

They were delighted with the result, and so were we.


Christmas, Illustration


These are the skills I developed to give you quality digital caricature art over my 26 years on the World Wide Web.

Photoshop 2023
Clip Paint Studios
Xara Pro (vector)