From a pen & ink caricature artist to a digital caricature artist

Hi, my name is Jerry Emerson, and I am a digital caricature artist. I have been a professional caricaturist for over 50 years. My caricatures and cartoons have appeared in books and magazines, such as Readers Digest, Saturday Review, and TV Guide, since 1972. I have been providing caricaturing services on the World Wide Web since 1995.

Like most professional caricature artists today, my caricatures are drawn digitally, using an electronic pen, tablet, and applications like Photoshop and Clip Paint Studio. For my vector program, I use Xara Pro.

I gave up pen and ink media for caricaturing about twenty years ago. Why? Firstly, I was presenting exceptional caricaturing services, and as a consequence, my website amassed more work than I could handle using traditional drawing media. Secondly, my customers were demanding more digital art. I went from working in 100% physical art media to 100% digital drawing in just a few years.

digital caricature artist

What a digital caricature artist can accomplish


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Tees & Hoddies

Rhinohouse Surf & Snow

Rhinohouse features t-shirts and hoodies with my cartoon and caricature drawings. Mike DeMeo, the owner of Rhinohouse, collaborates with me in designing these wearable products. Together, we’ve come up with some fun stuff!