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About My Groomsmen Caricatures

I draw more groomsmen caricatures than any other type. This gallery represents just a few of my best.

As with my other projects, I work closely with my client to get the right look and feel for his caricature project. I rely on my client to describe his preferences for posing and dressing his groomsmen. He may also select a background scene against which to pose them.

The important thing to me is to satisfy my client. I can confidently say that the caricatures presented in this gallery represent satisfied clients proud to present their caricatures as gifts to their groomsmen.

groomsmen caricatures

I worked closely with the client to create this caricature.

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About Emerson Art

We at Emerson Art work closely with our clients for smooth project management and excellent results. Our prices are reasonable, and we try to work within your budget restraints.

large group caricatures


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