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My Experience With Digital Caricatures

You have come to the right place if you are looking for creative, funny, and well-drawn digital caricatures. Start your exploration by finding out a little about me and my art.

My name is Jerry Emerson. If you have spent time on my site, you will know that I draw digital caricatures. What you may not know is how I create them.

First, I use special tools. Instead of a pen, brush, or pencil, I use an electronic pen and tablet. My canvas is a precisely calibrated monitor…

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A retirement caricature from my business gallery.

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Digital Caricature Services

Business Caricatures

This service provides quality corporate caricatures for gifts, merit awards, retirements, and promotional merchandise.

Retirement Caricature

My retirement caricature services will help you create the right gift for the retiring employee, friend, or family member.

Business Cards

I designed my business card service to produce humorous but functional branding for small and large businesses.

Groomsmen Caricatures

Groomsmen caricature art is one of my most popular services. Give your groomsmen the best gift they will cherish and remember.

Bridesmaid Caricatures

I provide this service to offer beautifully drawn bridesmaid caricatures as gifts the bride-to-be may be proud to give to her bridesmaids.

Real Estate Caricatures

I have been designing caricatures for real estate promotion, such as signs, banners, and vehicle wraps, for years.

beautiful galleries-hundreds of drawings

Digital Caricature Galleries

Real Estate Gallery

This gallery showcases my real estate art and features promotional materials like signs, banners, and embroidered patches.

Business Gallery

This gallery features business caricatures with samples of employee gifts, merit awards, and greeting cards.

Groomsmen Gallery

I draw more groomsmen caricatures than any other kind. This gallery features some of my best work in this category.

Family Gallery

The family caricature is another popular category, and this gallery shows some of my best work for satisfied clients.

Holiday Gallery

I love the holidays and express it in my caricature work. This gallery is as festive as the season.

T-Shirts Gallery

This gallery features my t-shirt designs. Many of them were done for Rhinohouse Surf & Snow of Virginia.

A gallery of my newest caricatures

While I keep all my galleries updated, I think having one gallery specifically to showcase new work is essential for several reasons:

  • The quality of my work is consistently of the highest quality in comparison to my older pieces.
  • To supply new caricature ideas for potential clients to ponder.

Unique, creative cards for the holidays

Spread seasonal joy with your unique holiday greeting card designs. Working closely with you, we’ll develop your vision of peace, love, and happiness.

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About Emerson Art

We at Emerson Art work closely with our clients for smooth project management and excellent results. Our prices are reasonable, and we try to work within your budget restraints.

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