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About My Caricature Illustrations

My caricature illustrations gallery features unique artwork.

Caricatures are exaggerated drawings of people, typically with large heads and small bodies, to emphasize identity. Over the years, however, caricatures generally have become more realistic, like portraits, while maintaining the small-body-big-head appearance.

You have caricature illustrations if you put a modestly exaggerated caricature head on an accurately proportioned body. I am not saying I created something entirely new, as perfect examples of this exist in the works of, say. Norman Rockwell. I am saying that I am good at illustration and realism and offer this service to my clients who appreciate this caricature style.

caricature illustrations

A faithful illustration of the movie poster for “It’s A Wonderful Life” using my clients’ faces.

Tees & Hoddies

Rhinohouse Surf & Snow

Rhinohouse features t-shirts and hoodies with my cartoon and caricature drawings. Mike DeMeo, the owner of Rhinohouse, collaborates with me in designing these wearable products. Together, we’ve come up with some fun stuff!


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