30 Years Online

About My Caricature Galleries

I have over twenty caricature galleries on my site. Each gallery contains caricature art selected from the twenty-nine years my business has been on the World Wide Web.

The categories include groomsmen, real estate, business cards, t-shirt design, fantasy, and more. I even have a gallery featuring my personal favorites.

I sincerely hope you visit my caricature galleries for your enjoyment and to consider hiring me to draw your caricatures. Whether you are a businessman or an individual looking for a quality caricature gift, I can help you.


at their old hangout

Real Estate Gallery

This gallery showcases my real estate art and features promotional materials like signs, banners, and embroidered patches.

Business Gallery

This gallery features business caricatures with samples of employee gifts, merit awards, and greeting cards.

Retirement Gallery

This gallery features retirement caricatures given by both businesses and individuals as retirement gifts.

Business Cards Gallery

This gallery features humorous but functional business cards for small and large businesses.

Groomsmen Gallery

I draw more groomsmen caricatures than any other kind. This gallery features some of my best work in this category.

Bridesmaids Gallery

While not as popular as groomsmen’s caricatures, this gallery shows how memorable bridesmaid caricatures can be as gifts.

Wedding Gallery

This gallery features wedding caricatures. Samples include wedding gifts, invitations, and save-the-date magnet designs.

Holiday Gallery

I love the holidays and express it in my caricature work. This gallery is as festive as the season.

T-Shirts Gallery

This gallery features my t-shirt designs. Many of them were done for Rhinohouse Surf & Snow of Virginia.

Family Gallery

The family caricature is another popular category, and this gallery shows some of my best work for satisfied clients.

Pets Gallery

Pet caricatures are most often drawn with an entire family portrait. This gallery features some good examples.

Children Gallery

This gallery features caricatures of children. While they are humorous, they are drawn with sensitivity and respect.

Birthday Gallery

This gallery shows that caricatures for cards and gifts can make birthdays even more fun!

Anniversary Gallery

My anniversary caricature service provides humorous gifts and cards for the celebrating couple.

Sports Gallery

This gallery features my sports caricatures. They encompass baseball, football, golf, volleyball, and tennis.

Valentine’s Gallery

This gallery features Valentine’s Day art and shows that flowers are not the only way to say “I Love you.”

Fantasy Gallery

This gallery features fantasy caricature art. Disney movies inspired many examples presented in the gallery.

Superheroes Gallery

It’s fun to draw people as superheroes fighting the bad guys. This gallery is filled with great examples of that scenario.

Illustration Gallery

Caricatures work well in situations requiring illustration, such as books, magazines, cards, and promotional materials.

Avatars Gallery

An avatar often accompanies your account on social media sites. Caricatures make great avatars.

Large Group Gallery

Most caricature projects I work on can be described as large group caricatures.

A gallery of my newest caricatures

While I keep all my galleries updated with my work, I think having one gallery specifically to showcase my newest work is essential for several reasons:

  • The quality of my work is consistently of the highest quality in comparison to my older pieces.
  • To supply new caricature ideas for potential clients to ponder.

A gallery of my favorite caricatures

I added this gallery to showcase what I consider to be both my favorite caricature art and my best.

Tees & Hoddies

Rhinohouse Surf & Snow

Rhinohouse features t-shirts and hoodies with my cartoon and caricature drawings. Mike DeMeo, the owner of Rhinohouse, collaborates with me in designing these wearable products. Together, we’ve come up with some fun stuff!

beautiful rooms, spectacular views

Pavillion Inn at Blowing Point, Anguilla, on the beautiful Caribbean Sea

The beautiful three-story Pavillion Inn is locally owned and was recently fully renovated. It sits beside the Caribbean Sea, offering unparalleled views. I redesigned their site a few years ago, but it has been online since the late 90s.


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